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Meet Porsche' Shanell

“For in him you have been enriched in every way with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭1:5‬ ‭

A God fearing southern girl for Houston, Texas, Mom, Beauty Professional, inspiring Personal Development Coach, and Owner of PurEuphorix. Porsche' Shanell's diverse resume' has taken her from working Prestige Sales in Ulta, to the chair as a MAC Artist and Esthetician to working behind the sense in operations and development for a mainstream cosmetic line. Throughout her journey, God strategically placed her in positions for her to gain the experience and knowledge to prepare her for her purpose. Not only does she have the proper knowledge and trainings to back her brand, but she also has the gift of relating to others and motivating through her experiences and wisdom. Pure Euphorix was created not only to simplify self care but to help others to find confidence in their natural state by focusing on self care.

The Story

Throughout Porsche's journey, gaining perception on different sides of the industry. Porsche' noticed that many companies took the "One size fits all" approach, and there was a lack of simple and clean products of quality that target people of color. Most importantly, the lack of knowledge given with product use and information on caring for the skin properly. As an Aesthetician, constantly running into clients that lacked knowledge; and people that were using products that were not effective but harmful. Simular needs that she saw amongst many inspired her to make a difference by creating PurEuphorix. A Self Care line dedicated to its slogan "Self Care Made Simple" by educating customers on ingredients and simplifies self-care routines with instruction. Pure Euphorix was not created only to build the customers knowledge and confidence but, to give the consumer who believes in putting themselves first a sense of luxury while doing it.

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The Mission

PurEuphorix is a brand created by a Licensed Skin Professional targeting those who are too busy for frequent visits to the spa but looking to advance their Self Care journey with proper Skin Health. We aim to help control breakouts, refine texture, rejuvenate skin, and overall contribute to your confidence. Our handcrafted products are created with active ingredients that yield noticeable results while maintaining your skin's integrity. Make our clean and effective regimens a part of your lifestyle you'll have that spa glow in no time!  

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